Important: Phonak is phasing out the production of Aviation Headsets.


End of production: 31 July 2020

Order within the limit of our available stock.

Phonak parts and labour warranty: 5 years


!! New headsets are still available in our shop !!


Phonak FreeCom 7100 headset is very light and comfortable. It is worn around the neck and the shells, specifically formed for your ears, make it very silent, as much as, or even more than the main competitors. It is an "Active Noise Reduction" (1 battery AAA) and "Passive Noise Reduction" headset, since noise attenuation is also performed directly by the custom e-Shells.

Phonak FreeCom 7100 est un casque aviation confortable et léger. Il se porte autour du cou et les coques formées spécialement pour vos oreilles le rendent très silencieux, autant, voire plus, que les principaux concurents. Il s'agit d'un casque "Active Noise Reduction" (1 pile AAA), ainsi que "Passive Noise Reduction", puisque l'atténuation du bruit est également effectuée directement par les coques personnalisées.


Ordering option:

I wish to receive the headset immediately:

= We send you the headset first, then you send us your ear impressions (L and R) after and you will receive your custom e-Shells later. (two separate shipments)


I send you my ear impressions first:

= We take care of making your e-Shells as soon as we receive your ear impressions (L and R), then we will send you your headset with the e-Shells. (one shipment)


Phonak Aviation Headsets: 5 year warranty / 5 ans de garantie


Single connectors XLR-5 / U174/U
Twin connectors PJ055 / PJ068
Passive attenuation SNR = 24 dB (electronic attenuation switched Off)
Level-dependent attenuation: criteria levels (noise exposure at which in-ear sound pressure first exceeds 85 dBA) High-frequency noise: 108 dB 
Medium-frequency: 105 dB 
Low-frequency: 99 dB
Microphone pattern cardioid
Microphone max. sound pressure (@ 10% THD) 120dBA
Microphone frequency range 500Hz – 4kHz
Loudspeaker balanced armature
DC bias voltage decoupled
Max. loudspeaker sound pressure 117dB
Loudspeaker sensitivity 650mV RMS @ 1Pa
Loudspeaker current consumption 2mA @ 1Pa
Loudspeaker frequency range 500Hz – 4.4kHz
Impedance DCR 378 Ω
Power sources Communication: aircraft audio panel (no batteries)
Dynamic hearing protection & ambient awareness: x1 AAA battery
Voltage 4 - 20 V
Weight 75 g  / 2.64 oz
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
Operational temperature -20°C to +60°C

PHONAK FreeCom 7100 (headset + choice of adapter)

1 256,00 CHFPrix
Adapter / Connecteur
Color e-Shells / Couleur coques
Ordering option (delivery management)
Delivery outside Switzerland (no swiss VAT)
  • This product requires to take impressions of your ears (L and R). Please visite a hearing care specialist and show him / her the Phonak's Quality Guide.

    Then send us your ear impressions to this address:


    Swiss Aero Pro

    Aeropole 132

    CH -1530 Payerne



    It takes around 2-3 weeks to make this product, after we received your ear impressions.


    Please watch this video to have more details about how to get your customized Phonak e-Shells:




    Phonak Ear Impression Quality Guide.pdf


    Contact us for further information: info[at]

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